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    ● The google maps feature makes users excited
    -Google Maps is currently the most visited online map application thanks to its functionality
    -With Google Maps, you can go wherever you want, browse real-time traffic information to avoid traffic jams, travel places ...
    -The Google Maps application gives you more than you can, goodbye with the best routes and directions for every turn.
    -With a map in hand, you will visit famous streets to go to restaurants to order and order with a cafe, shopping place ...
    -Google Maps integrates more than 25 million locations in prominent locations, famous landmarks, beautiful roads ... for users to track and move comfortably.
    -This amount will continue to increase because the actual number increases to meet user needs. When you can't find your way, you can also get a taxi or Grab taxi service to help you with the Grab driver, who can find places you care about.
    -Google Maps is a free and useful map application released by world-renowned technology company Google, a Google Maps utility that supports hundreds of countries around the world to meet search and identification needs. routes Find places, restaurants and destinations quickly and easily wherever you are.
    -If you need a navigation tool, find a suitable travel route, find places, restaurants, food stalls and entertainment areas ... Google Maps can fully fulfill everything.
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